What Are the Long island iced tea ingredients ?

Long island iced tea ingredients



image showed the multiple ingredients of the long island iced tea

Iced tea is a type of soft drink, non-alcoholic, non-carbonated , it's traditionally served in a glass with ice cubes or crushed ice, with the possibility to add sugar depending on your preference ( in the Southern of United States they add Sugar ) or adding Milk on Thailand .
The taste can be enhanced by mixing it with flavored syrups, such as mint or fruit (lemon, lime, raspberry, 
Cherry, peach, lychee mango).
Long Island Iced Tea is generally a cocktail made with tequila, gin, vodka, rum and orange liqueur.

The ingredients of a long island iced tea are so simple :

1/ Vodka
2/ Gin
3/ Rum
4/ tequila
5/ Triple Sec
6/ Lemon Juice
7/ Cola

  • Long Beach Iced Tea : cranberry juice replace cola
  • California Iced Tea : orange juice replace cola
  • Tennessee Iced Tea : Jack Daniels replace tequila
  • Alaskan Iced Tea : tequila is replaced by Curacao, No cola
  • Beverly Hills Iced Tea : cola is replaced by champagne
  • Tokyo Iced Tea : triple sec is replaced by Midori liqueur

Long Island Iced tea Mix - The Perfect Beverage !!

Long island iced tea mix

highball glass full with iced tea

Long island iced tea mix or mixed Drink is a popular beverage that must be in your repertoire drinks , what make the long island very easy to prepare are the simple 5 white spirits ( Triple Sec ,  Light rum , Vodka , gin , tequila ) & the Sour mix , you can prepare this recipe within 5 minutes , we are going to discover in this article Step by Step How making a very delicious Long island iced tea mix .
Ingredients :

1/ Lemon wedge for garnish .
2/ Cola .
3/ 1 Oz Sour mix .
4/ (1/2 Oz ) --> Tequila , Vodka , Gin , Light rum , Triple Sec .

Method :

1/ Pour the Triple Sec , Light rum , Vodka , Gin , Tequila ( The 5 white spirits ) and Sour mix into a highball glass with ice .
2/ Stir & shake the mixture very well .
3/ Pour over the glass cola .
4/ Garnish your final product with Lemon wedge .

Some Videos on how making a very good long island iced tea mix :

Long Island iced tea cocktail - 2 Ways to Make a nice Drink !!

Long Island iced tea cocktail

a big glass of an  iced tea cocktail

There is 2 Ways to Make the long island iced tea cocktail :

Ingredients 1 :

1/ Coke
2/ Sour & Sweet mix
3/ Triple Sec (1/4p)
4/ Gin (1/4p)
5/ Rum (1/4p)
6/ Vodka (1/4p)

Method 1 :

1/ Add ice cubes to the highball glass & fill it until it's almost full .
2/ Add Triple Sec , Gin , Rum & Vodka ( Equal Quantity QT=QG=QR=QV) .
3/ Add the Sour & Sweet mix ( You can leave some room at on the Top ) .
4/ Splash in the Coke .

Ingredients 2 :

1/ Sugar ( The quantity depends on your preference)
2/ Triple Sec ( Optional )
3/ Coke ( Optional )
4/ Lime or Lemon juice
5/ (1/4) part of ( Vodka , tequila , gin , White rum )

Method 2 :

1/ Shake & Strain All the ingredients with the addition of  ice cubes ( Don't add Coke ) .
2/ Add the coke on the top & Serve it with a Slice of Lemon ( do not forget that should be seen as an iced tea , do not add too much coke ) .

Enjoy !

How to make long island iced tea - Step by Step !

How to make long island iced tea


How to Make iced tea - Top 10 Tips to make a nice iced tea .

How to Make iced tea

Iced tea is a favorite Summer beverage that is very easy to prepare , All it takes is some tea bags ( maybe 2-3 ) , Sugar ( that you can control the quantity you add depending on your preference ) , Water and you're on your way to make a perfect iced tea ! , Making an iced tea is not a complex process you can make it easily anytime you want with the things you have around your home .
If you want to make the iced tea there is several methods to do that like the cold brew & the flash chill method , they are Safe , easy & convenient .

Tips to on How to Make iced tea :

1/ Use Fresh & Just enough tea and make sure the tea bags are a good Quality .

use tea to mkae iced tea
2/ Use Clean and filtered tap Water to make your drink . A Poor Quality Water can Spoil your Beverage .

use boiling water

3/  Make Sure the heat is in the ideal degree to make a good iced tea taste , the tea you choose depends on your personal preference . Just the tea must give a Stronger flavor to your beverage .

the heat degree must be controled by you
4/ Use a Long piece of String So when you want to Remove the tea Bags , you can do it easily .

using strings to remove tea bags
5/ Pay attention to the container , it Shouldn't be an old Container . And also it mustn't influence the drink taste .

use clean container to prepare your iced tea

6/ Don't forget to add the Baking soda to the hot Water , According to my experience it will result a Superior iced tea .

baking soda for good taste
7/ Steep the tea Bags for (9-11 minutes ) Any longer than that can result in a bitter taste .

the time that tea bags should be in water
8/ Don't Keep the iced tea in the fridge for too long , Drink your iced tea within 24 or 48 hours as the maximum.

 drink iced tea within 48 hours
9/ Add ice cubes Just before drinking your beverage , it's good for your Healthy .

ice cubes

10/ It's good to let the beverage ( iced tea ) until it keep up with the room temperature before put it in the fridge .

using fridge to make cool iced tea

How to Make Thai Iced tea - Irresistible Taste !

How to Make Thai Iced tea

Thai iced tea is a mix of multiple components , Sugar , Black Tea , Sweetened , Milk , it's a popular iced beverage from Thailand , the Thai iced tea is not served with lemon wedge , it's mixed with sugar , cream , spices, there is 2 types of Thai iced tea , Restaurant-Style Thai iced tea & Traditional Thai iced tea .

Restaurant Style Thai iced tea ( Ingredients ) :

1/ 50 ml of Evaporated Milk
2/ 30 ml Sweetened condensed Milk
3/ Sugar ( It's depends on you )
4/ 0.5 Teaspoon Star anise Powder
5/ 1.5 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
6/ 1 Star anise
7/ Some cloves
8/ Green Cardamom
9/ 3 tablespoons of Black tea leaves
10/  3.5 Cups of water

Steps to Make Restaurant Style Thai iced tea :

1/ Fetch Water to a boil in a large saucepan - Place Star anise , the Black tea leaves , Cloves , Green Cardamom in a tea infuser .

2/ When you Note that the water is boiling , reduce the heat , and add spices & leaves .

3/ Wait for 5 minutes , then take out the tea infuser , and add in the Powder of star anise , sweetened condensed milk , vanilla extract , and Sugar .

4/ Stir the Mixture ( Add Sugar if you have discovered that the taste is not good for you ) , then Put it in a cool temperature .

5/ Now Just Serve in a glass With ice , Pour the tea , Add the Evaporated Milk . The Restaurant Style Thai iced tea is Ready to drink Enjoy !

the final product of Thai Iced tea

Traditional Thai iced tea ( Ingredients ) :

1/ 1 Star anise
2/ 1 Cardamom ( For taste )
3/ 1 ground tamarind
4/ 250 ml of Milk ( Coconut milk or evaporated milk .. )
5/ Sugar ( it's depends on the quantity you like )
6/ 150 ml of sweetened condensed milk
7/ 1500 ml of boiling water
8/ 1 Cup of  Black tea leaves

Steps to Make Traditional Thai iced tea :

1/ Put the Spices & tea leaves in a boiling Water for 6 minutes , Pour the water in a Saucepan through a Strainer to eliminate tea leaves .

2/ Add the Sugar to the mixture & Stir the mixture ( The Quantity of Sugar depends on your preferable taste ) , Mix with the sweetened condensed milk , then put the tea in a Refrigerator for a specific time ( 20 minutes ) 

3/ Now Just Serve the tea using glass with Some ices & Pour the tea above the cubes of ice .

4/ Add the Milk ( Coconut milk or evaporated milk .. ) Then the Thai iced tea is Ready to Drink , Enjoy .

final production of the traditional Thai Iced tea

Tips :

tipfs for Making Thai Iced tea

1/ Use Clean tools to prepare your iced tea .
2/ Let the tea cool to room temperature.
3/ You can leave some room at the top of the beverage .

Long island Iced tea Recipe - How to Make a Long island iced tea?

long island iced tea recipe



Long island iced tea is a mixed beverage made using : Water , Soda , rum , tequila , gin , Sour , Vodka , Alcohol represents a high concentration degree which is 28% of the beverage  .
In other countries outside USA long island iced tea is served without using Sour mix , they Made it using 
Just Soda and liquors alone . It's a Perfect beverage for the hot evenings .

Long island iced tea recipe ingredients :

1/ 20 ml Syrup 
2/ 40 ml Fresh lemon or lime juice
3/ 20 ml Triple Sec 
4/ 20 ml tequila
5/ 20 ml light rum
6/ 20 ml gin 
7/ 20 ml Vodka 
8/ Chilled cola 
9/ Sour mix
10/ Fresh Lemon pieces 
11/ Ice

Steps to Make Long island iced tea :

1/ Fill a glass with ice cubes .

ice cubes for long island iced tea
2/  Add Some of ice cubes & All ingredients except cola to the cocktail shaker and close it very well .
cocktail shaker for long island iced tea

3/ Shake the ingredients for 3-5 times to mix them very well ( Depending on the taste you want ) + Pour the mixture in the ice glass that We have prepared on the Step 1, then Add a dab of Cola .

pour the mixture in the glass

4/  Garnish With Lemon & than your Long island iced tea recipe is Ready , Enjoy 

use lemon for decoration for long island iced tea
Tips to make a good Long island iced tea :

tips for a succesful long island iced tea

1/ Add Enough Sour Mix .
2/ You can use Cointreau triple instead triple Sec 

Peach iced tea recipe - How to Make a Peach iced tea recipe?


Peach iced tea recipe



The peach iced tea recipe is very Delicious & fresh, it's one of the  perfect beverages for a hot summer Day,
Nothing can be light, Fresh,  than Peach Iced Tea Recipe , Keep Body light & Cool , The time required to prepare this wonderful tea is about 5-10 minutes .The  Following Formula Explain How to Make a Nice peach iced tea recipe Step by Step .

Peach iced tea Recipe Ingredients :

1/ 6 TBSP Lipton powder ( If it's Possible) Peach iced tea
2/ Iced tea syrup
3/ Sugar
4/ 2 TBSP Rose Petals
5/ Chilled Water or Soda
6/ Ice

Peach iced tea Recipe Method :

( You can use water or Soda to make the peach iced tea recipe , If you use Soda the taste Will be nice and different if you choose to use Water You Will Make a Rock Party if you use Soda . )

1/ Prepare Soda , Tea Powder bags , Rose petals , Iced tea syrup .
use soda for peach iced tea recipe
use tea for peach iced tea recipe

use rose petals for peach iced tea recipe

2/ Add Some ice cubes + Sugar (Quantity depends on you ) + Soda , Tea Powder bags , Rose petals , Iced tea syrup on a Squeezer or a Grinder .

boil water for peach iced tea recipe

using sugar for peach iced tea recipe

use squeezer for peach iced tea recipe

3/ Once all of those components are grinding very well ,pour the tea in a glass , and Add More ice cubes to your final Product , to Present your Peach iced tea you can add to the mix a Slice of lime and some mint.

Enjoy Your Peach iced tea with Soda ( PS : you can use Water instead of Soda )

final peach iced tea recipe

Tips :

tips for better peach iced tea recipe

1/ Pay Attention to the Cleanliness of all your tools .
2/ You can Use Water or Soda .
3/ Try to prepare Bellini peach raspberry iced tea recipe it's a very nice iced tea .

Lemon Iced tea Recipe - How to Make a Lemon iced tea ?

Lemon Iced tea Recipe


Lemon iced tea is a perfect drink , it's a very nice balance of sweet & sour , on a hot early fall day you can enjoy this beverage , or when you read a book or just relaxing ! , This really  my favorite Juice .

You can Prepare Lemon iced tea in just 10 minutes following this Formula :

Ingredients :

1/  1 Cup of 600 ml in size .
2/  Ice .
3/  boil water .
4/ (2-3) Tea Bags .
5/ (2-3) Slice of lemon

Lemon Iced Tea Recipe Method :

1/ Pour 350 ml of  a boiling Water in a Small pot .

2/  Poke the fire to the Max Condition .

3/ Add Tea Bags to the Water .

adding tea bags to the water for Lemon iced tea recipe

4/  This Process Must take 2 minutes ( Soak the Bags of tea in the boiling water )

put the tea bag into the pot Lemon iced tea recipe

5/ Get out Tea Bags + Add The Quantity You want of Sugar ( it depends on you ) + Stir it .

Get out tea Bags Lemon iced tea recipe

6/ Reduce the heat to a medium tension + cover it

control the heat Lemon iced tea recipe

7/ Take a 600 ml size cup and fill the glass halfway using ice.

8/  Boil the Water + Add Lemon Slices ( 1 minute )

add limon slices Lemon iced tea recipe

 9/ Pour the mixture into ice-filled glass 

Tips to Make Lemon Iced tea Recipe :

1/ Use Clean containers .
2/ Make Sure that you use a Quality Water , Lemon , Tea For Best Results .
3/ Make Sure your tea Bags Have a String So when you want to get out them you can do that very easily .