Iced Tea Recipe - 4 Different Ways to Make Iced Tea

Iced Tea Recipe

Different Methods To Make An Iced tea :

Iced tea is a kind of cold tea , all the time served in a glass with ice , is also a popular packaged beverage .
People like to drink this refreshing beverage on the summer , it can be mixed with peach , lemon , lime, raspberry , strawberry ,cheery and passion fruit .
Follow Step by Step the following formula to make different iced tea recipe :

Simple Iced tea Recipe : (Ingredients )

1- Some Ice  .
2- Sugar .
3- Glass of Water  .
4- Tea Bags . 

Simple Iced tea Recipe Method :
1-  Put 500 ml Of water in a cooking pain Until the water Boiled .

boiling water to make an iced tea recipe

 2 - Put Off the Heat .

 3- Add (4-6) tea Bags that is especially made for the iced tea Recipe like Ceylon & Keemum .

4- Forget the tea Bags for just a little bit time (4.5 minutes) in a warm Water - Any more than that  the tea will lost his taste . If you left it in a hot water for more than 4.5 minutes, it will be bitter. It will be a very solid blend of tea - time to time you should dilute the mixture with water. As final Step Remove the tea Bags when the time finished .

time that you need to make different iced tea recipe
5 - Empty the tea into a carafe. Wait for 10 minutes  to become cool 

6 - Pour 500 ml Of a Cold water Into the mixture tea . This will make the tea Strong , You can Add any volume water As long as you like the Tea Taste .

7 - Put the mixture into a Refrigerator until it's cooled. This process must take 3 hours .

8 -  The tea is now semi-prepared to drink . Simples Pour the tea into a Long Cup that contain ice . Crush a piece of lemon into the tea and insert  mint to the top., Add Sugar , Honey if you Like them .

Fruit iced tea Recipe : You can Choose Any kind of fruits you Want to make the Beverage .

Requirements  : 

1- Some Fruits .
2- Tea Bags .
3- Juicer

Fruit Iced tea recipe Method :

 1 / Prepare 2 to 3 cups of tea. If you use a cold prepare method, allow  tea bags to soak in cool water for 6 to 8 hours. If you prepare the tea in a warm water, steep the tea a little bit more than usual as the fruit juice will reduce the tea. Allow the hot tea to cool.

boiling water to make boiling tea using iced tea recipe

2/ Choose fruits that you like to add to the tea. You can choose pineapple, raspberry, lemon, apples and apricots. Juice and fruits work best in tastiest fruit tea . Place the fresh fruits through a juicer and pass through a strainer. Add 2 to 4 cups of fruit juice to the brewed, chilled tea.

Different kind of fruits to make an iced tea recipe

3/ Try fruit tea before adding sugar because fruits have a natural sweetener. Refrigerate before serving and serve with ice.

fruit iced tea recipe

Strawberry iced tea Recipe : ( Ingredients )

1- 1Kg of Organic Fresh strawberries .
2- 2 Liters of hot black tea
3- 1 Bag Of sugar.
4- 1/3 Cup of Fresh Lemon juice.
5- 1/2 Punnet Fresh Strawberries.
6- Vodka , Rum , mint , ice .

Strawberry Iced tea Recipe Method : 

// Mix two cups of strawberries in a Blender until smooth and tension . Mix unitedly pureed strawberries with tea, lemon juice + desired quantity of sugar . Turn the mixture to cool situation using a refrigerator , add vodka  to taste. Make decorations and serve with a fresh strawberry , ice and  mint.

strawberry iced tea recipe

Vanilla Green Iced Tea Recipe ( ingredients ) :

1/ 1 Cup of Boiling water .
2/ 2-3 Green Tea Bags .
3/ Skim Milk .
4/ Tsp of Vanilla Extract .
5/ Sugar .
6/ Free Vanilla Coffee Syrup .
7/ Ice .

Vanilla Iced tea Recipe Method  : 

// Put Tea Bags on a boiling water For 3-5 minutes , After that pour the tea you have Made on another cup , put the Vanilla Extract & Sugar on the mixture you have and confuse them with other mixture elements , Add 1 Cup Of Skim Milk and Ice .

green iced tea recipe , make it easy

 Iced tea Recipe Tips:

To succeed realizing an iced tea Recipe  You Must at least Respect those following Tips :

1 - Make Sure that your tea Quality is perfect .
2 - Make Sure that your teas Bags Are related to a String So when you decide to get out them from the cup you Can do that easily .
3 - Make Sure that you Use a Quality filtered Water , This influence Directly your Final Product .
4 - Make Sure that containers Are Clean .

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