Lemon Iced tea Recipe - How to Make a Lemon iced tea ?

Lemon Iced tea Recipe


Lemon iced tea is a perfect drink , it's a very nice balance of sweet & sour , on a hot early fall day you can enjoy this beverage , or when you read a book or just relaxing ! , This really  my favorite Juice .

You can Prepare Lemon iced tea in just 10 minutes following this Formula :

Ingredients :

1/  1 Cup of 600 ml in size .
2/  Ice .
3/  boil water .
4/ (2-3) Tea Bags .
5/ (2-3) Slice of lemon

Lemon Iced Tea Recipe Method :

1/ Pour 350 ml of  a boiling Water in a Small pot .

2/  Poke the fire to the Max Condition .

3/ Add Tea Bags to the Water .

adding tea bags to the water for Lemon iced tea recipe

4/  This Process Must take 2 minutes ( Soak the Bags of tea in the boiling water )

put the tea bag into the pot Lemon iced tea recipe

5/ Get out Tea Bags + Add The Quantity You want of Sugar ( it depends on you ) + Stir it .

Get out tea Bags Lemon iced tea recipe

6/ Reduce the heat to a medium tension + cover it

control the heat Lemon iced tea recipe

7/ Take a 600 ml size cup and fill the glass halfway using ice.

8/  Boil the Water + Add Lemon Slices ( 1 minute )

add limon slices Lemon iced tea recipe

 9/ Pour the mixture into ice-filled glass 

Tips to Make Lemon Iced tea Recipe :

1/ Use Clean containers .
2/ Make Sure that you use a Quality Water , Lemon , Tea For Best Results .
3/ Make Sure your tea Bags Have a String So when you want to get out them you can do that very easily .

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