How to Make iced tea - Top 10 Tips to make a nice iced tea .

How to Make iced tea

Iced tea is a favorite Summer beverage that is very easy to prepare , All it takes is some tea bags ( maybe 2-3 ) , Sugar ( that you can control the quantity you add depending on your preference ) , Water and you're on your way to make a perfect iced tea ! , Making an iced tea is not a complex process you can make it easily anytime you want with the things you have around your home .
If you want to make the iced tea there is several methods to do that like the cold brew & the flash chill method , they are Safe , easy & convenient .

Tips to on How to Make iced tea :

1/ Use Fresh & Just enough tea and make sure the tea bags are a good Quality .

use tea to mkae iced tea
2/ Use Clean and filtered tap Water to make your drink . A Poor Quality Water can Spoil your Beverage .

use boiling water

3/  Make Sure the heat is in the ideal degree to make a good iced tea taste , the tea you choose depends on your personal preference . Just the tea must give a Stronger flavor to your beverage .

the heat degree must be controled by you
4/ Use a Long piece of String So when you want to Remove the tea Bags , you can do it easily .

using strings to remove tea bags
5/ Pay attention to the container , it Shouldn't be an old Container . And also it mustn't influence the drink taste .

use clean container to prepare your iced tea

6/ Don't forget to add the Baking soda to the hot Water , According to my experience it will result a Superior iced tea .

baking soda for good taste
7/ Steep the tea Bags for (9-11 minutes ) Any longer than that can result in a bitter taste .

the time that tea bags should be in water
8/ Don't Keep the iced tea in the fridge for too long , Drink your iced tea within 24 or 48 hours as the maximum.

 drink iced tea within 48 hours
9/ Add ice cubes Just before drinking your beverage , it's good for your Healthy .

ice cubes

10/ It's good to let the beverage ( iced tea ) until it keep up with the room temperature before put it in the fridge .

using fridge to make cool iced tea

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