Long island Iced tea Recipe - How to Make a Long island iced tea?

long island iced tea recipe



Long island iced tea is a mixed beverage made using : Water , Soda , rum , tequila , gin , Sour , Vodka , Alcohol represents a high concentration degree which is 28% of the beverage  .
In other countries outside USA long island iced tea is served without using Sour mix , they Made it using 
Just Soda and liquors alone . It's a Perfect beverage for the hot evenings .

Long island iced tea recipe ingredients :

1/ 20 ml Syrup 
2/ 40 ml Fresh lemon or lime juice
3/ 20 ml Triple Sec 
4/ 20 ml tequila
5/ 20 ml light rum
6/ 20 ml gin 
7/ 20 ml Vodka 
8/ Chilled cola 
9/ Sour mix
10/ Fresh Lemon pieces 
11/ Ice

Steps to Make Long island iced tea :

1/ Fill a glass with ice cubes .

ice cubes for long island iced tea
2/  Add Some of ice cubes & All ingredients except cola to the cocktail shaker and close it very well .
cocktail shaker for long island iced tea

3/ Shake the ingredients for 3-5 times to mix them very well ( Depending on the taste you want ) + Pour the mixture in the ice glass that We have prepared on the Step 1, then Add a dab of Cola .

pour the mixture in the glass

4/  Garnish With Lemon & than your Long island iced tea recipe is Ready , Enjoy 

use lemon for decoration for long island iced tea
Tips to make a good Long island iced tea :

tips for a succesful long island iced tea

1/ Add Enough Sour Mix .
2/ You can use Cointreau triple instead triple Sec 

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