What Are the Long island iced tea ingredients ?

Long island iced tea ingredients



image showed the multiple ingredients of the long island iced tea

Iced tea is a type of soft drink, non-alcoholic, non-carbonated , it's traditionally served in a glass with ice cubes or crushed ice, with the possibility to add sugar depending on your preference ( in the Southern of United States they add Sugar ) or adding Milk on Thailand .
The taste can be enhanced by mixing it with flavored syrups, such as mint or fruit (lemon, lime, raspberry, 
Cherry, peach, lychee mango).
Long Island Iced Tea is generally a cocktail made with tequila, gin, vodka, rum and orange liqueur.

The ingredients of a long island iced tea are so simple :

1/ Vodka
2/ Gin
3/ Rum
4/ tequila
5/ Triple Sec
6/ Lemon Juice
7/ Cola

  • Long Beach Iced Tea : cranberry juice replace cola
  • California Iced Tea : orange juice replace cola
  • Tennessee Iced Tea : Jack Daniels replace tequila
  • Alaskan Iced Tea : tequila is replaced by Curacao, No cola
  • Beverly Hills Iced Tea : cola is replaced by champagne
  • Tokyo Iced Tea : triple sec is replaced by Midori liqueur

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