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Long Island Iced Tea

the amazing iced tea of long island
Iced tea is a popular beverage , and the great old drink. However, In the United States it is cognized by long island iced tea .

Although this beverage truly has been only brief in common with the ideal ice tea, the indistinguishable is derived and ascribable to the well liked variation of mixes, one of which is the ice tea itself.

Long Island Iced Tea don't have the taste of alcohol, but only have the taste of iced tea. It's not known exactly when it was invented

The most common story is one that says that this cocktail was invented in the 70s by a bartender, Robert (Rosebud) Butt, in Oak Beach, in the town of Babylon, Long Island, in the state of New York, United States.

JS Moore said that Long Island was created in Tennessee by Old Man Bishop, who then gave the recipe to his son, Ransom. This would have improved the cocktail in the 40s. Ransom Bishop was an acquaintance of the grandfather of JS Moore, Judd Moore. 

Others believe that this cocktail was born during Prohibition when bartenders tried to conceal alcoholic beverages. It was a fairly common practice at the time.

Which of these stories is trueMaybe this cocktail was invented at several different places, at different times 

How to Make it?

This mix beloved is derived from the variation of triple sec, gin, tequila, vodka, rum, and particular quantities of the sour mix with a dab of cola or another mixes, such as lemon smoothie of the basic ice tea itself. The absolute majority of the time, this kind of beverage is dished up with a piece of lemon so that it will enhance the similitude of a non-alcoholic beverage, which was an extra cause this drink was purportedly contrived in diverse civilizations. Furthermore, Long island iced tea is equated to iced tea because they also share the same smooth taste of the tea itself.

One component that assigns this drink from other types of cocktails is that of the quantity of alcohol, which is  bigger in this drink likened to several additional kinds. The absolute majority of long island iced tea variations take at a minimum twenty-eight % alcohol inside them, and this is due to the proportionally modest quantity of the mixer that is employed to the drink.

It demands to be known, however, that this case is not a similar situation in all regions. Despite most anticipations, several countries modify this alcohol level, and the absolute majority of them has an altered admixture as well. Additionally, many regions only use liquors and cola by itself, without the sour combine so that they can make this long island iced tea beverage, and on particular occasions, lemon or lime juice or even lime liqueur can be added  to it.

Super long island iced tea makers, when asked on the subject, will commonly say  that the mixture is one of the easiest to mix up, as long as you remember  the right mixture and the right mixture ingredients' ratio as well. There are just a couple of essential steps, which must be "to  mixture of all ingredients into a highball bottle filled with ice, using a cola for the color. For the cosmetic role, add a cut of lemon to it."

Iced Tea Recipe - 4 Different Ways to Make Iced Tea

Iced Tea Recipe

Different Methods To Make An Iced tea :

Iced tea is a kind of cold tea , all the time served in a glass with ice , is also a popular packaged beverage .
People like to drink this refreshing beverage on the summer , it can be mixed with peach , lemon , lime, raspberry , strawberry ,cheery and passion fruit .
Follow Step by Step the following formula to make different iced tea recipe :

Simple Iced tea Recipe : (Ingredients )

1- Some Ice  .
2- Sugar .
3- Glass of Water  .
4- Tea Bags . 

Simple Iced tea Recipe Method :
1-  Put 500 ml Of water in a cooking pain Until the water Boiled .

boiling water to make an iced tea recipe

 2 - Put Off the Heat .

 3- Add (4-6) tea Bags that is especially made for the iced tea Recipe like Ceylon & Keemum .

4- Forget the tea Bags for just a little bit time (4.5 minutes) in a warm Water - Any more than that  the tea will lost his taste . If you left it in a hot water for more than 4.5 minutes, it will be bitter. It will be a very solid blend of tea - time to time you should dilute the mixture with water. As final Step Remove the tea Bags when the time finished .

time that you need to make different iced tea recipe
5 - Empty the tea into a carafe. Wait for 10 minutes  to become cool 

6 - Pour 500 ml Of a Cold water Into the mixture tea . This will make the tea Strong , You can Add any volume water As long as you like the Tea Taste .

7 - Put the mixture into a Refrigerator until it's cooled. This process must take 3 hours .

8 -  The tea is now semi-prepared to drink . Simples Pour the tea into a Long Cup that contain ice . Crush a piece of lemon into the tea and insert  mint to the top., Add Sugar , Honey if you Like them .

Fruit iced tea Recipe : You can Choose Any kind of fruits you Want to make the Beverage .

Requirements  : 

1- Some Fruits .
2- Tea Bags .
3- Juicer

Fruit Iced tea recipe Method :

 1 / Prepare 2 to 3 cups of tea. If you use a cold prepare method, allow  tea bags to soak in cool water for 6 to 8 hours. If you prepare the tea in a warm water, steep the tea a little bit more than usual as the fruit juice will reduce the tea. Allow the hot tea to cool.

boiling water to make boiling tea using iced tea recipe

2/ Choose fruits that you like to add to the tea. You can choose pineapple, raspberry, lemon, apples and apricots. Juice and fruits work best in tastiest fruit tea . Place the fresh fruits through a juicer and pass through a strainer. Add 2 to 4 cups of fruit juice to the brewed, chilled tea.

Different kind of fruits to make an iced tea recipe

3/ Try fruit tea before adding sugar because fruits have a natural sweetener. Refrigerate before serving and serve with ice.

fruit iced tea recipe

Strawberry iced tea Recipe : ( Ingredients )

1- 1Kg of Organic Fresh strawberries .
2- 2 Liters of hot black tea
3- 1 Bag Of sugar.
4- 1/3 Cup of Fresh Lemon juice.
5- 1/2 Punnet Fresh Strawberries.
6- Vodka , Rum , mint , ice .

Strawberry Iced tea Recipe Method : 

// Mix two cups of strawberries in a Blender until smooth and tension . Mix unitedly pureed strawberries with tea, lemon juice + desired quantity of sugar . Turn the mixture to cool situation using a refrigerator , add vodka  to taste. Make decorations and serve with a fresh strawberry , ice and  mint.

strawberry iced tea recipe

Vanilla Green Iced Tea Recipe ( ingredients ) :

1/ 1 Cup of Boiling water .
2/ 2-3 Green Tea Bags .
3/ Skim Milk .
4/ Tsp of Vanilla Extract .
5/ Sugar .
6/ Free Vanilla Coffee Syrup .
7/ Ice .

Vanilla Iced tea Recipe Method  : 

// Put Tea Bags on a boiling water For 3-5 minutes , After that pour the tea you have Made on another cup , put the Vanilla Extract & Sugar on the mixture you have and confuse them with other mixture elements , Add 1 Cup Of Skim Milk and Ice .

green iced tea recipe , make it easy

 Iced tea Recipe Tips:

To succeed realizing an iced tea Recipe  You Must at least Respect those following Tips :

1 - Make Sure that your tea Quality is perfect .
2 - Make Sure that your teas Bags Are related to a String So when you decide to get out them from the cup you Can do that easily .
3 - Make Sure that you Use a Quality filtered Water , This influence Directly your Final Product .
4 - Make Sure that containers Are Clean .